Duty of Care to Jedi

Duty of Care to Jedi

Published on:15th February,2017   Category: Accident tips

The next episode in Star Wars saga is being titled Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

In a moment of less than serious legal consideration, this firm gave consideration to what it would mean for a lawyer advising a Jedi in the Star Wars universe from an employer’s duty point of view.

By the time of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope the number of Jedi in the galaxy “far far away” has been reduced to only four practitioners of the art. Two are aligned with the forces of darkness namely the Emperor and Darth Vader while two are aligned with the force of the light namely Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. It would appear that being a Jedi is a very dangerous career.

It could be considered that the employer of the Jedi was the “Old Republic”. Jedi’s employees of Old Republic must have found it difficult to face up to work each day knowing that there was not an insignificant chance of death or serious injury at the hands of one Darth Vader.

In this regard it appears Jedi could be considered to be separate from normal military forces as they appear to be controlled by the Jedi Council not part of a formalised military structure as storm troopers clearly were.

The obligations on an employer in Queensland is many and are encompassed by the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 which requires an employer to take reasonable steps to care for the workplace health and safety of their employees.

Given the Old Republic had knowledge via the Jedi Council, that the dark side of the force was increasing in strength, one wonders whether the Old Republic really took adequate steps to address this workplace health and safety issue.

The likelihood of serious injury or death should at all times be at the forefront of an employer’s mind if an employee is engaging in risky active. It could be argued given the almost extermination of the Jedi, that there was no greater risk than that which they faced.

We accordingly believe the Old Republic as prudent employer should have provided greater training in relation to the risk of the dark side of the force to all members it proposed training as Jedi.

This article is not meant as a serious exposition of the law.

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